Busy Days!

VCE welcomes Mrs. Jo Sykes who will be working in Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Lake’s class as an EA. Mrs. Sykes is familiar to us because she was part of VCE staff last year.

November started off with the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Rapunzel. It is amazing how fast the students can learn their lines, songs and dances in such a short time! It was a pleasure to watch the two performances. A huge thank you to Mrs. Platz and Mrs. Jordan for providing this opportunity for our students. As well, we thank the other staff and parents for volunteering their time and to all the parents who made it possible for their children to attend the rehearsals and performances.

The short first week of November ended with the Remembrance Day assembly where we were able to honor our past and present members of the armed forces. Thank you to the staff and students for the wreaths, poems and songs.

On the District Implementation Day, the staff of VCE joined the rest of the staff of SD#48 in planning for the implementation of the Pathways to Education, the SD #48’s Education Plan. You can check out the details at:


VCE hosted Naiomi Lu from the SAM (Sustainability through Agriculture and Micro-enterprises) Project. She is a SFU student from Squamish who spent time working in Zambia. As a global initiative, VCE will be raising funds to help buy goats for the Lumbemba Cooperative in Zambia. The extra income from the goat’s milk, cheese and meat will mean a lot to the families involved. For details, go to: http://thesamproject.ca/

Mrs. Doherty and Mrs. Platz had a successful fieldtrip to the Vancouver Aquarium. Thank you to the EAs and the parent volunteers.

The after school activities mentored by HSS students continues to be a success. We have had big turnouts. In November, we have soccer, volleyball and bracelet-making sessions planned.

Another thank you goes out to the PAC members for organizing the hot lunch from Golden Crust. It was delicious!  The next hot lunch will be held on December 12.

We have sent home a lunch survey to see if we should have the students play first then eat. Please complete the form and hand it in. Your input is valuable.

Next week, the consent form for the VSO Elementary concert is due. We are excited to see the orchestra perform at the Orpheum on the 24th.

VCE now has a Twitter account. Please follow us @Valleycliffe48


VCE welcomes back Mrs. Delle Booth who has accepted a part time Collaborative Support Teacher position. As well as her teaching role, Mrs. Booth will be heading up our Choir group with Mrs. Knopp. A thank you to both teachers for providing this enrichment opportunity for our students.

The second half of October started off with our Gr.6 and some 5s attending the We Day celebrations at Rogers Arena with 20 000 youths from all over the province. The message that the students came away was that they could make a positive difference in the lives of others locally and globally.

To show VCE spirit, we enjoyed dressing up for the Opposite Day. As well, thanks to the staff and parent volunteers, the Magic Pumpkin fieldtrip to the West Coast Rail Museum was a huge success despite the wet weather.   Everyone came back content with giant pumpkins. It was lovely to see the great costumes at the Halloween parade today.

Yesterday, we enjoyed walking through the Haunted House thanks to the great props and costumes set up by Mrs. Zuckernick’s class. At the first movie night, we had a large turnout. We were able to raise $352 which will go toward funding the KVR trip and Kenya Tuition Fund. We also appreciate the families supporting the Halloween for Hunger campaign. We were able to collect 338 items. The donated food items will go to the Squamish Food Bank.

The after school activities mentored by HSS students continues to be a success. We have had big turnouts. In November, starting on the 12th, we have soccer, volleyball and bracelet-making sessions planned.

Next week, the auditions and rehearsals start for the Missoula Children’s Theatre. This year’s production, Rapunzel, will be performed at the Eagle Eye Theatre both on Nov 7th and 8th. The tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for children. A huge thanks to Mrs. Platz, Mrs. Jordan and other parent volunteers for leading this worthwhile event.

There are two fundraisers coming up: the Poinsettias and Purdy’s chocolates. Information will be distributed next week.

VCE now has a Twitter account. Please follow us @Valleycliffe48.

Wishing your family a happy and safe Halloween!

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