A New Year Full of New Opportunities

Welcome back everyone. We hope that you had a restful and fun holiday. The new has started with many opportunities for students to learn new skills and new experiences. Students of Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. Zuckernick had fun cross-country skiing yesterday. As well, The VCE Strings program will be starting on Monday morning at 7:50 am in the MPR. Mrs. Lake’s class will begin skating lessons. At the end of the month, Mrs. Knopp’s class will be sleeping over at the Vancouver Aquarium learning about marine life.

Starting next week, VCE will be holding a monthly student assembly to inform students of school-wide learning goals, upcoming events and news and reviewing the school’s code of conduct.

The Provincial Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) for Gr. 4 students will be written in January/February. The students will be assessed in reading, comprehension and numeracy. We are in the process of setting the dates for administering the FSA. We will inform the parents before the date. Mr. Young and Mrs. Dawson will be preparing the students for writing.

As well, the Satisfaction Survey for students, staff and parents will be administered before April. Again, more information will be sent home prior to the survey being administered.

On February 18th, VCE will be presenting our School Improvement Plan to the school board members. The staff is working on coming up with the inquiry question/learning goal, gathering evidence, assessment of evidence, action planning, setting up structures and strategies for success and intervention. This year we would like to focus on: Collaboration (students, staff), Self-Regulation and Kindness/Empathy. Of course, we welcome input from the parents.

Fun activities continue at VCE. Twins day is on Fri, Jan 16 so dress up as twins, triplets etc. On Jan 22rd, there will be a Performing Arts Talent show at lunch. There will be auditions at lunch on Jan 19th and 20th so encourage your children to practice. Hot lunch will be offered on Friday, January 23rd and order forms will be going home soon. As well, Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Doherty will be hosting a movie night on the 23rd. All funds raised will go toward Camp Summit. On Jan 30th, VCE will be hosting an ArtStarts performance ScrapArtsMusic2 (SAM2) at 11 am. ScrapArtsMusic transforms scrap into art and arts into music. Parents are welcome to join us for all events.

Finally, the after school activities mentored by HSS students continue to be a success. We have had big turnouts. In January, we will continue to host dodge ball and story writing on Tuesdays and floor hockey and arts on Wednesdays between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.

Thank you for your continued support.

Check us out on Twitter: @Valleycliffe48.


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