Happy Family Day

The aboriginal cultural weeks continue to be a great learning experience for our students at VCE. The students are learning the history, language and culture of Squamish Nation. The cultural program will culminate with a Potlatch celebration on Feb 12th at 2:30 pm – parents are welcome to attend.

As well, Mrs. Lake’s and Mrs. Aboussafy’s classes have enjoyed skating. Mrs. Knopp’s class had lots of fun learning about marine life sleeping over at the Vancouver Aquarium. After school Martial Arts sessions were well attended. On the 11th, Mr. Young’s and Mrs. Zuckernick’s classes will be on a fieldtrip to Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre and tubing.

During the month of February, VCE is focusing on the virtue of kindness. The “warm & fuzzies” with kind message for a staff member or student are posted on the front bulletin board. The staff will be discussing and working on the theme of kindness in their classes. We will also be recognizing students who have gone out of their way to be kind at monthly assemblies.

One thing that we would like to make sure is that the school’s wifi is used for learning. Students are not to use the wifi for personal use. For phones, the students are to only use them before or after school. There should be no phone use during the school day (8:50 am to 3 pm). The electronic devices are not to be used on the playground during recess or lunch. As well, students are not to take photos unless permission is given by the teacher for learning purposes. This is to protect the students from having electronic images used inappropriately and without consent.

The Provincial Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) for Gr. 4 students is being written this month. The students are being assessed in reading, comprehension and numeracy.

On February 18th, VCE will be presenting our School Improvement Plan to the school board members. The staff is working on coming up with the inquiry question/learning goal, gathering evidence, assessment of evidence, action planning, setting up structures and strategies for success and intervention. This year we are focusing on: Collaboration (students, staff), Self-Regulation and Kindness/Empathy.

Fun activities continue at VCE. There will be a Valentine’s sock hop at lunch on Tues the 10th. It’s open to all students for $3 a ticket. The funds raised will go to Camp Summit.

VCE is hosting an interschool Valentines dance on Fri, Feb 13th between 7 to 9 pm. The dance is open to students in Gr. 4 to 6. VCE students are able to invite friends from other Squamish elementary schools. They can pick up a Friends Form and return it in the office. The admission is $5. There will be music, lights, DJ and party favors. As well, there will be refreshments and photos for sale so extra cash will come in handy. All funds raised will go toward Mrs. Zuckernick’s yearend trip and Kenya Tuition Fund. We need help with set up, lights and DJ supervision and cleanup. If you are able to help, please contact the office.

Finally, the after school activities mentored by HSS students continues to be a success. We have had big turnouts. In February, we will be running California kick ball & knitting (& spool-knitting) on Tuesdays and soccer & jewelry making on Wednesdays between 3:30 and 4:30 pm



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