Welcome the Year of the Sheep!

The aboriginal cultural weeks were a great learning experience for our students at VCE. The students learned the history, language and culture of Squamish Nation. The final day with a Potlatch celebration was great fun. A huge thank you to Deanna Lewis.

Last week, Mr. Young’s and Mrs. Zuckernick’s classes had a fun fieldtrip to Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre and tubing.

During the month of February, VCE is focusing on the virtue of kindness. The “warm & fuzzies” with a kind message for a staff or student are posted on the front bulletin board. As well, the Gr. 1 students made a Kindness Quilt. The staff will be discussing and working on the theme of kindness in their classes. As well, the Shaw TV has filmed some of our students making the Pink Shirt Day pledge so watch for us on the local channel.

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) for Gr. 4 students was being written this month. The students are being assessed in reading, comprehension and numeracy. A thank you to Mr. Young and Mrs. Dawson for running it.

This week, VCE presented our School Improvement Plan to the school board members. The staff is working on coming up with the inquiry question/learning goal, gathering evidence, assessment of evidence, action planning, setting up structures and strategies for success and intervention. This year we are focusing on: Collaboration (students, staff), Self-Regulation and Kindness/Empathy. A big thank you to Mrs. Nand, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hackett, the staff and students for making it a successful day.

VCE’s interschool Valentines dance was energizing. We hosted students of other Squamish Elementary schools. We had great music, lights, DJ and party favors. We were able to raise over $400 toward Mrs. Zuckernick’s yearend trip and Kenya Tuition Fund. Thank you to the supervisors and the leadership students for a job well done.

Finally, the after school activities mentored by HSS students continues to be a success. We have had big turnouts. In February, we will be running California kick ball & knitting (& spool-knitting) on Tuesdays and soccer & jewelry making on Wednesdays between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.

Don’t forget that Tues is the 80’s Day. So, students and staff can dress up in the 80’s fashion. On Thurs, the 26th, please wear pink for the Pink Shirt Day in support of anti-bullying.

A reminder about the ProD day on Monday. The school is closed for students.


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