Making a Difference

Last week, we had a successful school-wide assembly on self-regulation. Self-regulation is one of the three goals at VCE (the other two goals being collaboration and kindness). Self-regulation is “the ability to monitor and manage one’s thinking, attention, feelings and behavior to accomplish goals.” (Thompson, 2009) Self-regulation is an important part of developing emotional intelligence. At the assembly, the students performed songs, led breathing exercises and used a video clip and a skit to demonstrate some of the strategies to help with self-regulation.

On the District Implementation Day, all of SD #48 staff gathered at DRSS to work together. In the morning, we heard from the local aboriginal elders about their experiences at residential schools and the inter-generational trauma the experience has left the community. Then, the high school students told us what they needed from the schools to move forward and be successful. In the afternoon, the staff was involved in Project Tuning and Collaborative Planning in small groups. All in all, it was a very powerful day. We learned so much from one another.

Earlier his week, the Kindergarten classes hosted a fire safety workshop. They learned about all the things they should and should not do if they were ever in a fire. Thank you to fireman Derkson.

Mrs. Nunn’s Gr. 6 class organized and led a lovely Remembrance Day assembly. We appreciate all the classes participating in making the wreaths and remembering the veterans. Thank you to those who made a donation for the poppies.

Currently, we are collecting items for the Helping Hands Christmas Care shoe boxes for the houseless. Please see the sample boxes and pick up a list of items that should go in the boxes from the office. We will collect them until the end of November.

Thinking globally, VCE started fundraising again this year to send students to secondary schools in Kenya. The Purdy’s chocolate sale for the Kenya Tuition Fund raised over $ 600. Thank you to those who bought chocolates. You have made a difference for students half way around the world.

The Moustache Day was today. It was fun to see all the different types of moustaches and beards at VCE. The after school sports and arts/crafts sessions are being attended very well. The GirlsBoys Club runs on Mondays and Tuesdays between 3:30 to 4:30 pm. It’s open to students in Gr. 3 to 6 and will be run Mondays and Tuesdays with HSSS and DRSS students mentoring the VCE students.

Finally, we are looking for performers for the Variety Show for the seniors at Squamish Seniors Centre on Dec 16th. We need singers, dancers, musicians, magicians, cup stackers etc. Please encourage your children to participate and help them prepare. Auditions will be held until Nov 27th.


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