Kindness and Compassion

On the Non-Instructional Day, the teachers and administrators of Sea to Sky District spent time collaborating on the new BC Curriculum. If you would like to see the new curriculum, please go to

Our annual Talent Show was a great success. We had singers, dancers, pianists, tumblers and others. We had a fun time. VCE is full of talented students!

The Vancouver Aquarium FT was a great experience for Mrs. Platz and Mrs. Doherty’s students to learn about marine life and conservation. Mrs. Knopp’s class had a wonderful sleepover at the Aquarium. We will be hosting the   Aqua Van in April for the whole school.

The Kindness Assembly was last Wednesday. Kindness/empathy is one of VCE’s school goals. We had presentations from different classes. Following the assembly, the students are writing kind messages to their classmates with the “Fish” activity and they will be encouraged to participate in random acts of kindness.

If you are looking for chocolates for Easter, the Purdy’s order form will be going home next week. As well, there is a Valentine’s Sock Hop on Fri, 12th.

Also, I have asked for your participation in the survey for my appraisal as the Principal of VCE. If you have not done the survey, please go to:

If you would like to complete the paper copy of the survey, it is available in the office. Thank you for your help with this. I really appreciate your feedback.


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