On A Roll!

June kicked off with our students attending camp and participating on fieldtrips. The upcoming weeks will be full of different and new learning experiences off site: Porteau Cove, VanDusen Gardens, Home Depot, AirHouse, swimming, Cultus Lake Waterpark, Squamish Gondola and Camp Summit. Thank you to the staff for organizing the fieldtrips and giving our students the opportunities.

Last week, Div 4 & 5 students were fortunate to attend a three day camp at Camp Summit. They learned through: archery, low ropes, high ropes, rock climbing, outdoor survival skills and team building activities. A huge thank you to Mrs. Doherty for her leadership and Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Miller and parent volunteers for making this worthwhile experience possible. Next week, Div 1 students with Mrs. Nunn will be attending the 3 day camp. Some of the other classes will be participating in a one day camp. Thank you to all parents for supporting the numerous fundraisers for assisting with the camp costs.

We thank the PAC who hosting a lovely staff and volunteer appreciation lunch. We are appreciative of all the things that the PAC does to support our school community.

The Balding for Dollars (part 2) took place with Mrs. Platz getting a buzz cut, Mrs. Dawson donating her hair to be made into wigs and three of our students also balding. Mrs. Platz and her Kindhearted Kindergarteners and the Balding for Dollars (part 1 – Mrs. Zoo, Mrs. Norie, Alana N.) raised over $5300 total to childhood cancer research. We thank Special FX and Harbor Barber for their service.

On Tues, VCE hosted the staff from the Squamish Search & Rescue who presented the “Survive Outside” program. We thank them for sharing invaluable survival information.

Mountain Biking Club and the Kilometer Club are going strong. Thank you to Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Zoo, Mrs. Lock and Mrs. Knopp for sponsoring the teams.

Due to the weather, the annual VCE Sports Day has been postponed until June 20th. The hot lunch ordered will be served on that day.

Looking ahead, the last day of school for the students is on June 29th. On this day, we will be saying goodbye to our Gr. 6 students and distributing report cards. The students will be dismissed at 10 am.


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