February Is Library Lovers Month


On the District Implementation Day, the teachers participated working with Dr. Leyton Schnellert from University of British Columbia Okanagan on ways to merge the new curriculum, school district’s Strategic Plan and classroom practice.  We had a fruitful day full of learning.  There will be a second session led by Dr. Schnellert on the February ProD day.

As you may be aware, some SD48 Grade 4 to Grade 9 educators are involved with Communicating Student Learning (CSL) Pilot Project.  The teachers participating in the pilot will replace the formal Term Two March report with ongoing CSL using primarily formative assessment. Letter grades will not be required under this pilot (but must be provided upon parent request). Communications between February 1 and April 30 will replace the March report card with the understanding that ongoing assessment continues until the summative, year-end report.

Presently, the Gr. 4 students are immersed in the province-wide Foundations Skills Assessment (FSA).  Thank you to the teachers for preparing our students.

Finally, thank you to the PAC for organizing the “Family Picnic” hot lunch today.  It was great to see the VCE families come together and sharing food and time together.

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