Learning and Growing Together

This week, the School Improvement Plan presentation to the district staff and the trustees was very successful.  Thank you to the staff, parents and students who contributed to the presentations.  It was a great opportunity to show all the good things happening at VCE for student learning.

As well, the staff attended a second session working with Dr. Leyton Schnellert from University of British Columbia Okanagan on the Professional Development Day.  We had time for deep discussions and planning forward for our students.

Coming up on Monday, March 6th, is a Cakewalk fundraiser for Kenya Tuition Fund.  Tickets are 50 cents each or 3 for a loonie being sold that morning.  Students will have a chance to win cakes and also send kids to secondary schools in Kenya.  Donations of cakes and cupcakes are much appreciated.  If you would like to help, please drop off the goodies on the morning of the Cakewalk at the office.

Lastly, on Wed, March 9th at 1:15 pm, the school is hosting Sand Northrup, the One Woman Circus.  Families are welcome to join us for the fun.


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