Singing for the Salish Sea

Last week, we celebrated the progress of the Living Classroom and thanked Rhonda O’Grady’s contribution to the creation of the Living Classroom with an outdoor Earth Day assembly.  Thank you the PAC for organizing wonderful activities for the students.

This week, we welcomed Ms Lupton who is replacing Ms Bourdon until her return from her medical leave.  We wish Ms Bourdon a speedy recovery.

We are finishing this week on a high note after a week of musical residency with Holly Arntzen.  The students were immersed in singing and dancing in preparation for the Rock the Salish Sea concert.

Looking ahead to next week, VCE is hosting the Ache Brasil dance group on Tues, May 2nd at 1:45 pm.  Families are welcome to join us for the performance.

On Thur, May 4th, the students will be released early at 2 pm in preparation for the student-led conferences.  During the evening, there will be art displays in the gym for your pleasure.  The staff and students have worked very hard to prepare the exhibition.  We are asking everyone to be respectful of the displays.  Parents are expected to supervise their children and school’s behavior expectations still apply during events such as these.


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