June Is Jumping!

The annual Carnival was a huge success.  Thank you to Amy Reid and the PAC for organizing and running it.  It was a lot of fun for all.  Since then, we have had a busy start to the month of June.  Thank you to Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. Nunn Mrs. Miller and parent volunteers for the Camp Summit overnight experience.

I was fortunate to attend a conference with High Tech High Assessment Residency last week.  I was immersed in learning more about Project Based Learning and Assessment practices.  I feel confident that our students can be involved in deeper learning next year with staff facilitation and feedback.  For more information, please check out:  www.hightechhigh.org

We are looking forward to the year-end activities such as the Glee Club Concert on Monday and many fieldtrip experiences for the students for the rest of the month.  We thank the staff for organizing them.

VCE has been engaged with Aboriginal cultural learning facilitated by Joyce Williams.  The program will culminate with a potlatch on Friday.  The students have learned and experienced a variety of traditional practices of the Squamish Nation.

The last day for students will be on Thurs, June 29th.  There will be a Gr. 6 Leaving Ceremony where we will say goodbye to our senior students.  We wish them luck on their journey to Don Ross Middle School. We will also be saying farewell to Mrs. Dufty, Mrs. Lupton, Ms. Herring. Mr Hackett, Ms Debinski and Ms Vandezande.  We wish them well for their future endeavours.


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