Weekly Update – October 11, 2019

Dear Families,

Have you checked out our collaborative math board? Come on by and try it out, located outside the front office. Our new solution will be posted Tuesday!


  1. PAC presents the Harvest Festival Saturday, October 12th 11-2pm
  2. Long weekend, no school Monday, October 14th
  3. Hot dog day is Tuesday, October 15th -$2 (veggie and gluten free available)
  4. Police officer visit for K/1 classes Wednesday, October 16th
  5. BC Shakeout Drill Thursday, October 17th

Here is a helpful reminder on the importance of sleep routines:

Sleep Routines 

Regular evening routines can help your child have a good night’s sleep which leads to positive social behavior, ability to focus on learning, and overall well-being. Parents and caregivers also benefit, in the form of reduced stress or worry, when children sleep well.

Healthy Families BC provides the following 10 Tips for Good Sleep Habits:

  • Keep regular sleep and wake times – Help maintain your child’s body clock by keeping bedtimes and wake-up times on weekends within two hours of school day routines.
  • Reduce noise and light in your child’s bedroom.
  • Turn off electronics 1 hour before bedtime (i.e. loud music, phones, screens, TV).
  • Eat the right amount at the right time – Feeling hungry or too full before bed can make the body more alert, uncomfortable and unable to fall asleep.
  • Relax before bedtime (i.e. bathe, brush teeth, read, listen to calming music).
  • Ease the morning rush – Wind down the day together (i.e. get clothes ready for the next day, make lunch, pack a school bag).
  • Make sure your child feels safe – Afraid of the dark? Try a night light and avoid scary shows, movies, etc. before bed.
  • Get plenty of natural light in the daytime – Natural light helps the body produce melatonin at the right time in the body’s sleep cycle.  Be active and exercise in the daytime – Physical activity helps children to sleep longer and better, but, late night active play and sport increase the body’s temperature and makes it harder to go to sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon and evening (including energy drinks that contain caffeine).

I trust that everyone is taking advantage of the beautiful weather as sunshine and fresh air contribute to a healthy mind and body at work and at play!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah Hain
Principal of Valleycliffe Elementary
Sea to Sky School District (SD48)

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