Thursday Update – April 9, 2020

Dear VCE Families,


I hope you have had a great week with your families and you are getting into some new routine and structure in our new way of doing things. Now that we have all of the families up and running with technology that needed it, we want to check in to see if your child can a) log on to the device and b) get onto seesaw and other websites that we will be using at this time. Please if you are having trouble with either of these call our VCE office 604-892-9394 or get in touch with your teacher for assistance. There may also be a new tech need that has come about, please let your teacher or the office know asap so that we can support you and get you what you need. As we have limited technology, this will be done again by priority. There will be information on how to pick any tech up on April 20th once we have connected with you.


Teachers will also be reaching out to see if there are any other things that you might need to be successful with our new online/at home learning. Some teachers will also be sending a few things that you might need but it will not be a requirement for your child to be successful in their learning and it will be optional. Due to our new health and safety protocols and with limited access to the public, we will be setting up two days, April 20th & 21st for pick-up of any supply packs –more information to come on how this will look next week. At this time, we will not be able to provide ongoing pick up supplies so please write these dates in your calendar and next week watch for instructions on pick up.



Whole School Challenges at VCE

Earth Day Expression of Gratitude

This April we are celebrating the Earth! What are you grateful for about the Earth? Show your gratitude by creating a poem, song, piece of art, drawing, nature art or anything at all, dedicated to the Earth.

Capture your creation in a photo or scan a drawing or piece of paper showing the work.

Submit to the Earth Day Committee via

Due date: April 17, 2020

By sending your photo in and submitting it, please know you are giving permission for it to be shared on the Valleycliffe school website.

An Earth Day gallery of photos will be compiled and displayed on the Valleycliffe Elementary website.

 We want to hear from you!

We are missing our students in the halls at VCE!

If you are up for the challenge, parents/guardians send a picture of your child in their favourite place to read a book!

Send your pic to Shelby at

Please note that the picture may make it on our school website, so DO NOT send if you are not comfortable with this.


Please see latest information on Covid-19 on SD48 District Website here:

Please visit our VCE website for challenges, resources and updates here: and

Take care of one another, stay healthy, and be kind. I am wishing everyone an enjoyable Easter Weekend!


Sarah Hain

Principal of Valleycliffe Elementary

Sea to Sky School District (SD48)

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