Friday Update – May 7, 2020

Dear VCE Families,

We have an exciting activity planned for next week and would LOVE to see you there! Please join us for our Valleycliffe Parade! We hope you have a great weekend and we will see you Tuesday (see below for details).



 When: Tuesday, May 12th @ 2pm.

Where: See the map below for our route throughout Valleycliffe.

Why: We miss all of you!! We want to see your wonderful faces and come together in celebration.

How: VCE staff will meet in their cars at the school and head out in a parade of cars on our route (see map below). Make signs to send messages to friends, teachers/EA’s and others in our VCE community. If you can make it, please find a spot with your family somewhere along the route to wave and share your kind messages.

Things to do:
1)  Pick a spot to join in our parade
2)  Make signs of kindness
3)  Take a picture – this is important – we want to see you and/or your signs along the route. Submit your picture/video (only if you are okay with it being posted to the public). If you join the parade and don’t want any pictures posted PLEASE let Shelby know by emailing by Wednesday, May 13th at 12pm. *If you want to send in a picture before the parade of your family and/or signs that works too! We just want to be able to capture the moment in the best way we can!
4) Tell your friends and family about it! The more people we can get to the parade the better!

Things to remember:
1)  Please practice proper physical distancing along the route.
2)  Stay safe on the sidewalks, parking lots, etc.
3)  Be ready to go at 2pm next Tuesday.
4)  We know that not all families live in Valleycliffe. If you can make it, that would be great! If not, we understand and we will be thinking of you. You can always still send in a picture with your message for us to add to our video.
5)  Please understand that not all staff will be able to participate on this day but we will get as many people together as we can.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information!


Sarah Hain

Principal of Valleycliffe Elementary

Sea to Sky School District (SD48)


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