Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone!  We are delighted to have many new students join us at VCE this year.  As well, we are excited to welcome Mr. Hackett (Gr. 4/5), Mrs. Black (SpEd), Mrs. Dufty (Gr. 2/3 partner for Mrs. Doherty )and Mrs McPhee (Music on Tues).

The staff has been working hard to get ready for the new school year.  We spent two days in late August engaged in professional development learning more about Project Based Learning and our Assessment Practices.

This year, we are re-examining our School Goals:  Collaboration, Kindness/Empathy and Self-regulation to see if they are still relevant for our School Improvement Plan.   We will be collaborating as a staff to work on our existing/new goals and will be inviting parents and students for their input.  We are continuing with promoting Kindess. Kindness is key to having an inclusive, compassionate and respectful learning environment.

We are continuing to implement the SD 48 District Strategic Plan  http://sd48seatosky.org/strategic-plan/  The Competencies of the Goals are to: Learn, Create and Innovate, Think Critically, Contribute and Collaborate.  The Pathways to achieving our Goals are through the Strategies using improved practices in:  Assessment, Collaboration, Engagement, Play and Exploration, Purpose and Authenticity, Technology.

As you are aware, we are continuing to implement the new curriculum from the Ministry of Education.  If you would like to take a look at the new curriculum, please go to https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/.   As you will find, the Core Competencies of the new curriculum look very similar to the Competencies for our District Strategic Plan.

The Library continues to be transformed.  We would like to make the library to be more student-friendly and technology-incorporated space.  Similarly, the Maker Space is going through renovations as we prepare for this year.  We hope that it will be a collaborative learning space for students to explore, learn and build.

Thanks to the PAC, the Living Classroom and the school garden are well established.  The Living Classroom is a great resource to teach the children about nature, sustainability and stewardship.

We are happy to report that VCE and HSSS raised $ 2500 toward Kenya Tuition Fund.  The money will go toward funding secondary school students in Nanyuki, Kenya.  Ol Pejeta Conservancy is collaborating with the community leaders to distribute the funds to the most needy students.  We are grateful for the generosity of the VCE family for supporting our global initiatives.  You are making a huge difference in the lives of others half way around the world.

In making global connections, we hope to continue to Skype with students from Kenya again.  Last year, we had a chance to exchange ideas on topics such as: endangered species, school systems, indigenous education and girls’ education.  The students found that they had some differences but had much more in common.

This week, we welcomed the parents of the Kindergarten students for the Kindy Tea on Mon.  We thank the PAC for hosting this event.

We are happy to host the welcome BBQ again.  On Wed, Sept 20th, the students will be dismissed at 2 pm.  The teachers will be available to meet you between 5 – 5:30 pm.  This is not a formal parent/teacher interview.  Then, the students, staff and parents will be able to mingle and enjoy dinner together between 5:30 – 7 pm.  The school will provide the BBQ and we are asking the families to bring appetizers, salads and desserts to share.

On Fri, Sept 22nd, VCE will be participating in the Terry Fox Run.  You are welcome to join us from 2 pm.  There will be a short assembly then the run.  We are asking each student to donate a dollar toward cancer research.

On Sept 27th, there will be an early dismissal at noon in order that the staff are able to collaborate school-wide in the afternoon.

Finally, on Fri, Sept 29th, the school will be participating in the Orange Shirt Day.  This day is to honour the history of aboriginal peoples, recognize the harm from the residential schools and go forward with truth and reconciliation process.

Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward working with you this year.  We hope that your children find VCE a safe, happy and fun place for learning.



Year End, Summer’s Beginning

Well, it’s that time again to say farewell to our staff and students for the summer.

We would like to thank the staff for their dedication and enthusiasm for engaging our students in learning.  We are fortunate to have such a committed staff.

As we bid farewell to Ms. Dufty, Ms Lupton, Ms Ivy, Ms Anissa, Ms Colbertt and Ms Gusway, we would like to thank them for their service and we wish them well in their future endeavours.

As important, we thank the parents and guardians for supporting the learning of our students. We truly value our partnership for our common goal in creating the conditions for kind, thoughtful, avid learners.

In the fall, we have Mr. Hackett joining the intermediate teaching team and Ms Black in the Learning Services department.  We welcome them both to the VCE’s family.

We are sad to see our Gr. 6 students move onto DRMS.  We have fond memories of them.  We wish them well at the middle school.

The office will be closed after Tues, July 4th.  In the fall, the office will be open starting Aug 28th.  The first day back for the students is Sept 5th.  They will be at school until 10 am first day, then full days from Sept 6th on.  The kindergarten students will be attending family interviews on the first week back and will attend full days starting Mon, Sept 11th.  If you are going to be away on the first week of school, please contact the office.

As you head into the summer holidays, we wish you a fun and safe time for your family.