The Valleycliffe Elementary School Parent Advisory Council is an important part of the education system. Every parent or guardian of a student of our school is a member of the P.A.C. even if you can’t attend the monthly meetings.

Please join the Valleycliffe PAC Facebook Group  if you are a Facebook user.

reminderWould you like to receive a REMINDER TEXT MESSAGE to your phone when there is something going on at Valleycliffe? Take out your phone and text @valleycli to this number 604(227)-3809.  Or, if you’d prefer, click on this link to be prompted on how you can join and never miss another early dismissal, hot lunch, field trip again.

During our P.A.C. Meetings we discuss topics relevant to our children’s education, school policies and we fund raise to provide those little extras for the school and our children. The meetings are fun and informative and we welcome everyone to join us and find out what new and exciting things are happening at Valleycliffe Elementary School!

Your NEW P.A.C. Executive 2017-2018

  • Chair – Carolyn Green
  • Vice-chair – Cathy Jester
  • DPAC –
  • SPC – Sally Nandy, Rhonda O’Grady, Heather Feeney
  • Treasurer – Hardeep Sekhon
  • Secretary – shared between Ashley Oakes, Cathy Jester, Geniene Yard, Trisha Howander and Michelle Roberts
  • Hot Lunch – Michelle Roberts
  • Fruit and Veggie Program – Christine Montgomery
  • Popcorn – Shirin Besherati and Jen Bailey
  • Helping Hands Lunches – Geniene Yard and Amy Reid
  • Breakfast Club School Coordinator – Jill Elliott
  • Carnival/Fundraising – Amy Reid
  • Living Classroom Committee – Carolyn Green, Georgina McCandlish, Kati Seibel and Rhonda O’Grady