Dear Valleycliffe Elementary Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

I wanted to take the time to share how excited and honoured I am to be the new principal at this beautiful school.

I am very passionate about working with the students, staff and community to create a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment. I believe that together we can create strong connections with our learners to help them discover their strengths and support them in the best ways possible.

When I walk through the halls I already see all of the wonderful work that has been done to create this special place that students belong to. Together we can continue this work.

I believe in the value of relationships and look forward to connecting with everyone in this community.

I wish everyone a well deserved summer break. Please be safe, take some time to be with family, and enjoy the little things.

I will see you in September!


Sarah Hain
Principal of Valleycliffe Elementary

Dear Families,

 It is my pleasure to welcome Sarah Hain as your new Principal. She is an amazing colleague with great compassion for students, staff and families. She has many years of experience as an educational leader in our district. We worked closely together on many projects. Her knowledge, expertise and passions will be evident.​She is currently the Vice-Principal at Squamish Elementary. She is excited to meet everyone, we are looking at the calendar to organize a day for her to meet everyone before school is out for the summer.


Lynne Bouchard
Valleycliffe Elementary