School Information

• 38430 Westway Avenue
• Squamish B.C., V8B 0W4
• Telephone: (604) 892-9394
• Fax: (604) 892-3664
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Valleycliffe Safe Routes To School Pamphlet

VCE School Goals

  • Collaboration – How does collaboration improve teaching and learning?
  • Self- Regulation – How does self-regulation (emotionally and behaviourally) get you ready to learn?
  • Kindness and Empathy – What does kindness look and feel like?  How does being empathetic make you feel?  How can we reciprocate kindness?


Valleycliffe Elementary is a small community school consisting of about 180 students. It is located in Squamish B.C. and is part of School District No. 48 (Sea to Sky).
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School Staff:

Principal – Ms.J.Cho

Classroom teachers:

  • Mrs. S. Nunn – Grade 6
  • Mr. K. Young – Grade 4 & 5
  • Mr. J. Hackett – Grade 4 & 5
  • Ms. C. Dawson – Grade 3 & 4
  • Mrs. K. Doherty – Grade 2 & 3
  • Mrs. P Bourdon – Grade 1 & 2
  • Mrs. L. Knopp – Grade 1
  • Mrs. S. Jajic – Grade 1 & Kindergarten
  • Mrs. V. Platz – Kindergarten

Non-Classroom Teachers:

  • Library/ELL/LA – Mrs. C. Zuckernick
  • Special Education – Ms. K. Black
  • ELL – Mrs. M Roberts
  • Music – Ms. V McPhee

Support Staff:

  • Clerical Assistant – Mrs. M. Hackett
  • Teacher Assistant – Mrs. B. Miller
  • Teacher Assistant – Mrs. R. Vriend
  • Teacher Assistant  – Ms. S Cotter
  • Teacher Assistant –  Mrs. D. Hothi
  • Custodian – Mrs. C Turner
  • Custodian – Mr. J. Johnson

District Support Staff:
School Counselor – Ms.E. McCague
Speech & Language Pathologist – Ms. C. Ormerod

Page Last Updated: September 1, 2017

School History
Valleycliffe Elementary School opened its doors in 1977, but was officially opened on January 15th 1979 by Allan Williams, Minister of Labour. The first principal was Mr. Larcombe. The School Board Chairman in office during construction and planning was Mr. Fougberg, and the Vice Chairman was Mrs. Marchant. The Superintendent of Schools was Mr. Maglio and the Secretary-Treasurer was Mr. Ross. Teachers at Valleycliffe during 1977-1978 were Mrs. Walter, Miss Fisher, Miss Black, Ms. Anderson, Miss Edgecumbe and Mrs. Morrison.
Miss Black, one of the original teachers, taught here until the end of the 2001-2002 school year. We asked her what the school was like when it first opened, and she told us the school had no playground, only a swing set and a spider web. It went from kindergarten to grade 3 with about 90 students. The gym was half its present size. At that time, the Principal’s office was the staff room! We shared our principal with Stawamus Elementary, a nearby school.
The school expanded to grade 4 in 1978, when Mrs. Booth and Mrs. Wisnia, joined the staff of Valleycliffe. In 1981-82 several new classrooms were added so the school now included grade  five. In 1991 a further expansion to grade six was made, and finally in 1992 Valleycliffe included grade seven. Presently, we have kindergarten to grade six classes at VCE.