Welcome to Valleycliffe!


Student Registration detailed registration information can be found here.  If you wish to register your child for the current school year (2018-2019) please do so at the school.  Please ensure that you have your child’s birth certificate, care card and proof of residential address when you register.  Registration for 2019-2020, including children turning 5 in 2019 registering for Kindergarten, will be January 22 – 25, 2019.

School Supply List 2018-2019

Dear Families,

 It is my pleasure to welcome Sarah Hain as your new Principal. She is an amazing colleague with great compassion for students, staff and families. She has many years of experience as an educational leader in our district. We worked closely together on many projects. Her knowledge, expertise and passions will be evident.​She is currently the Vice-Principal at Squamish Elementary. She is excited to meet everyone, we are looking at the calendar to organize a day for her to meet everyone before school is out for the summer.


Lynne Bouchard
Valleycliffe Elementary