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Student registration – Registration forms can be found here.  Please provide your child’s birth certificate (or other Government identification) along with proof of residence when submitting your registration forms. Our school catchment area encompasses all of Valleycliffe including Valley Drive, Hospital Hill, the Plateau, Ravens Plateau and Crumpit Woods.  Kindergarten registration for September 2018 includes all children turning 5 on or before December 31st, 2018.  You must register your child at your catchment area school – for those wishing attendance at another school, please ask for information when you register at the catchment school.  If you are interested in registering your child for Cultural Journeys please register at Stawamus School.  If you are interested in Early French Immersion (Kindergarten and Grade One), registration is through Squamish Elementary or Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School.


  • Lovable Labels – proceeds to the PAC – ongoing
  • Nesters Gift Cards – available in $50 and $100 denominations – proceeds to the PAC (order online using the access code VCHL  at our Hot Lunch Site)
  • Save-On Foods – purchase gift cards at the cash and they can be used to pay for your grocery order right away.
  • Your Independent Grocer – drop your receipts off at the office – proceeds to the PAC

Haste BC Safe Routes to School – Haste BC has created a pamphlet for Valleycliffe Elementary which outlines the safest routes to school.  We encourage all of our students to walk to school if possible – even parking inside the 5 minute or 10 minute walk limit and walking the last part of the route offers health benefits and eases the congestion of our very small parking area.  For more information about the process and options such as a walking school bus check out the Haste BC School Travel Planning website.  You can see the pamphlet for Valleycliffe Elementary here.

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Mindset is Everything!

We were very lucky to have See-appl-tun (Art Harry) visit our school last week.  See-appl-tun spent time with each class sharing his stories, his art and working with the students to create art based on Aboriginal animal representations.

This residency is part of an Inquiry Project that Mrs. Zuckernick is heading up – her inquiry is this:  Can we positively impact our school’s Growth Mindset through authentic Aboriginal activities?

You can see some of our students’ art work, and participate in the conversation on the bulletin board at the front of the school.

We thank Art Harry for all his time, expertise, stories and kindness during his time at our school.

Mrs. Zoo interviewed some students about the experience:

 What do you think Growth Mindset is?

“It’s about working on things you’re not so good at.” – Kai, Gr 6

I say to myself, “I can do this.” or “I can do better next time.” – Cullan, Gr 4

Tell me about when you were drawing and painting the animals.  Were there some challenges you had?

“It was hard to paint without going out of the lines, I made a couple mistakes but just kept going.” – Aidan Gr. 4

What were you telling yourself as you worked through the challenges?

“When I got frustrated when the paint went into the ear which I didn’t want. I took some deep breaths and counted to 10 twice.  Then I got a wet paper towel, wiped a bit off.   Then I tried again.  After I felt better and proud of my wolf painting!” – Victoria, Gr.1